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Oct 18,2015.


Well, Alex and I (mostly Alex) finally got the video edited for the first song (It Must Be True) completed for the new recording project  If you watch it and like it, thank you for listening and don't be afraid to pass along the link.  :-)


I had a rehearsal with The Buttercups tonight, an interesting and fun side project with two faboulous women I know.  The rules are three acoustic guitar parts and three voices.  After that, anything goes. 


Mike Tabares is back from his whirlwind trip to Dallas, Clarksdale and some town in Arkansas not far from Helena, the name of which I can't remember.  


We're back in the studio on Friday.  Nine songs so far.  We're almost there. 



Oct 31,2015


I finished the backup vocals for "Carry Me Away" and Alex and I edited them. 


A few more tracks and a few more details and this project will be ready to go.  Stay tuned for more video as the tracks get completed. 


Also, some live off the floor video in the next couple weeks.  A solo acoustic version of Peggy Lee's "Fever", one of my many pub tunes. 


Also, a ripsnorting streetcorner gospel song from The Buttercups, my pet side project. :-) 



Nov 18, 2015  


On Friday last week (November 13th) , I recorded a live-off-the-floor version of " Fever", a classic song sung most famously by Peggy Lee but it was originally recorded by Little Willie John in 1956. It was written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell.


The lyrics are quite different in Lee's version (lyrics she wrote and for which she got no credit) and those are the lyrics I used almost faithfully.  It should be up any day now.


Christina Ann and Anita Storey (of The Buttercups) dropped by to see how things are done in a recording studio. When everything was finished, we stopped in to Cocoa and Joe's in downtown Oshawa to catch a set by my musical friend Kevin McKendrick.


Sunday I played at Simcoe Jazz and Blues, trading sets back and forth with Pete Merilovich who is a great local blues/roots musician. The crowd was great and so was Pete. I had a blast.  It was a weekend full of music and that's always a good thing.  


This coming weekend I have a gig Friday night with Mike Tabares in Marmora and another one the next day in Belleville. It will be great to see Mike again and to play some music with him. I haven't seen him since he got back from The States. We've both been busy playing, just not on the same stage.


He and his wife Ilse just adopted a pair of kittens from their local cat shelter. A brother and a sister, both tabby.


It sounds like Ilse loves them, which is no surprise.


Mike is pretending it's Ilse's idea. Yeah, right Mike. You don't like kittens.


(For the reader who might take that literally, Mike loves kittens. He just can't bring himself to say it out loud.)


Susan Latimer is “original” and “impassioned.” Folk magazine Sing Out!

"... irresistibly engaging and utterly enthralling.” Front Cover

"Her craft captures everything music misses today: depth of thought, truth, and endless imagery... blending music and honesty, melody with magic.” Dan Welsh, Hands On Music Company

“Her gritty, bluesy songs walk the line between light and dark, wrapped up with a wry wit.” Mundy's Bay Folk Society

"Susan's guitar playing is superlative and her voice combines a bourbon-and-sandpaper rasp with the smoothness of brushed velvet. What stands above everything is the quality of the songs... moving smoothly from jazz to folk to bluegrass to blues while maintaining an impeccable quality of songwriting that leaves the listener transformed. The overall experience is stunning.”  The band The Stivs

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