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Susan’s own distinctive sound is full of strength and confidence which comes through, in your face or beside you, and then burrows right into your heart.  Latimer's music offers an honesty and openness that connects with listeners. That immediacy is complimented by artful guitar playing, wry and witty songwriting and a wonderfully emotive voice.  This Canadian singer/songwriters arresting roots-blues compositions are well-crafted treasures wrapped in inspired performance.


Her lifelong love of writing and performing her unique fusion of classical, folk, jazz, blues, folk and rock has led her to become a regular on the Canadian club and festival circuit, opening for Ian Tyson and blues legend Paul James, among others.


Susan Latimer is “original” and “impassioned.” Folk magazine Sing Out!

"... irresistibly engaging and utterly enthralling." Front Cover

"Her craft captures everything music misses today: depth of thought, truth, and endless imagery... blending music and honesty, melody with magic”. Dan Welsh, Hands On Music Company

“Her gritty, bluesy songs walk the line between light and dark, wrapped up with a wry wit.” Mundy's Bay Folk Society


“Susan's guitar playing is superlative and her voice combines a bourbon-and-sandpaper rasp with the smoothness of brushed velvet. What stands above everything is the quality of the songs. Each track is reminiscent of some classic genre, moving smoothly from jazz to folk to bluegrass to blues while maintaining an impeccable quality of songwriting that leaves the listener transformed. The overall experience is stunning.”  Tk Band The Stivs


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Susan Latimer Music

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